Moana Hair Tie DIY

Moana Hair Tie DIY

This super easy and affordable Moana hair tie DIY is an awesome idea as a favor for your Moana themed party.  It would also work as little gifts for kid’s classmates (like for Christmas or Halloween) and as fish extender gifts.  I made them for my daughter’s Moana themed birthday.  It’s so easy and it’s a great project to do with kids.  I’ll show you how simple it was and also list the rest of the favors I got for the Moana themed party.


  • Moana elastic ribbon
  • Clear nail polish (or fray check)
  • Printed Moana themed card

Moana Elastic Ribbon

I got my elastic ribbon from Ali Express.  It is 50 yards total!  If you get it at the right time they sometimes have sales and I saw it once for as cheap as $10.88.  Of course there was a sale after I had already bought mine for the regular price of $14.90.  I plan on continuing to do other DIY projects with my daughter with the left over elastic ribbon, especially because I’ve got so much left.  Hoping to do some headbands with it next, I’ll keep you posted!

Moana Elastic Ribbon – 5/8” Free shipping $14.90

Some people have commented that they are a little wary of buying direct from China, or if you need supplies sooner, then plain elastic ribbon is available from Amazon.  They do FREE shipping for prime members.  The process and steps would be the same for this Hair Tie DIY.

Clear Nail Polish

I had some clear nail polish in the house for this project.  You could also use fray check.  They both serve the same purpose, to stop fraying ends of your elastic ribbon.  Below is a link for fray check on Amazon.


  1. Measure out and cut Moana elastic ribbon
  2. Use clear nail polish (or fray check) on ends
  3. Knot the ends together
  4. Make your Moana card
  5. Slip the hair ties on the card

Measure out and cut Moana elastic ribbon

I cut each piece of elastic ribbon to a length of 10 inches.  You may make the length more or less depending on your preference for your hair tie size.

Cut Moana elastic ribbon

Use clear nail polish (or fray check) on ends

I had nail polish laying around the house that I used to paint of the ends of the ribbon.  The nail polish or fray check is to keep the ends of the ribbon from fraying.

Nail polish on ends

Knot the ends together

Fold the elastic ribbon in half and complete the hair tie by tying the ends together with a knot.

Knot ribbon ends together

Make your Moana card

I found a Moana picture on the internet to make my cards.  On the back I put a quick note saying that the hair ties were handmade with love and aloha and that they were from my daughter.

Moana Hair Tie Card

Slip the hair ties on the card

The last step is to place the Moana Hair Ties on the card.  You can place as many of them on there as you would like.  I think even numbers look better and balanced.  I had planned on making 4 per card, unfortunately I ran out of time to make more.

Moana Hair Ties on Cards


YouTube Video:

Please let me know if you try out this Moana Hair Tie DIY for yourself and I would LOVE pictures.  Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, in the comments, or the contact me tab with any questions or feedback.

Moana Theme Favor Bags

Below are the rest of the favors and supplies I got for the Moana themed party.  The kids seemed really happy with their goodies.  The Moana cake was a cupcake cake from Safeway.  We like cupcake cakes because no knife is required and it’s already portioned out perfectly.

Moana themed Party Product – 12pcs Kids Favors Baby Shower Trolls Non-Woven Fabric Backpack PJ Masks Drawstring Bags Birthday Party Decoration Supplies Product – SERMOIDO Moana Watch Product – 12Pcs Oceana Moana Purses Money Bag Coin Pouch Children Purse Small Wallet For Kids Party Supplies Gift Product – 2pcs/set Moana Princess Maui Chief Tui Tala Heihei Pua Villager Tamatoa Dolls PVC Sticker Toys for Children Birthday gift Product – MOANA Summer Children Clothing Set Baby Moana Maui T-shirts Sport Suit for Boys Girl T Shirt 2 Pcs Clothes + Pants Kids Top Tees Product – 61 Pcs/set Moana Party Tableware set Cartoon Disposable Paper Cup Tablecloth Plate Birthday Decorations Kids Supplies

This post contains affiliate links to products that I purchased, used, and loved myself and 1 alternative option from Amazon.  You are not obligated to purchase.  I may make a small commission if you choose to use the links to buy any products at no extra cost to you!

Just a word of caution if you should choose to buy products from AliExpress. AliExpress items come direct from the manufacturer in China.  The shipping time states up to 8 weeks.  In my experience, when buying from AliExpress, items usually take 2-4 weeks, and there was 1 item that took 6 weeks.  Please be aware of prolonged shipping times before purchasing.  If arrival date needs to be quicker then I suggest you buy from Amazon instead.

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