Beautiful Kauai

Beautiful Kauai

I am from the beautiful island of Kauai, where I was raised and this page pays homage to the island I miss by sharing some it’s wonderful sights and colors.  I promise to update the gallery with more photos as I collect them from my parents and when I get back there myself to visit, which is not nearly often enough!


Beautiful Kauai Facts:

  • Geographically it is the oldest of the 7 main Hawaiian islands
  • It’s nicknamed “the Garden Isle”
  • Tropical rainforest covers much of its surface, thus it’s nickname
  • Area 552 mi²
  • Population 67,091 (2017)
  • Wettest spot on earth (avg 450 inches per year)
  • Northernmost island in the Hawaiian island chain

Favorite Places:

  • Waimea Canyon – Known as the Grand Canyon of the pacific
  • Polihale – longest stretch of white sand beach in Hawaii (17 miles)
  • Mount Waialele – Wettest spot on planet earth!
  • Koke’e State Park – Hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting
  • Pakalas or Majors Bay – Best surf spots (west side girl bias alert)
  • Poipu – snorkeling