Easy Fish Extender Gifts

Easy Fish Extender Gifts

Time for Easy Fish Extender Gifts

We had an amazing time on our Disney Wonder Cruise to Alaska and a huge part of what made it so fun and magical was the Fish Extender gift exchange we participated in.  The kids loved getting little gifts in our custom Fish Extender every day and this post is all about the gifts we gave out to our fish extender group.  All the stuff we got in return was amazing and the amount was so much that I have made a separate post so you can look at other ideas for your fish extender gifts in more detail.

See my post on our Easy DIY Moana Fish Extender to also learn about what a Fish Extender actually is and the post on our Fish Extender Gifts Received for more fish extender gift ideas.

Fish Extender Gifts Minimalist DIY Style

I would like to say that once again I used my minimalist style in order to make my Fish Extender Gifts.  I have coined the term minimalist DIY to mean using the minimal amount of time, supplies, and effort necessary to still produce an awesome project, which is super helpful for a working mom like me.

Fish Extender Gifts by Age and Category:

Adult/Teen Women: Floating locket with Mickey Charms

floating necklace with Mickey charms

For the adult and teenage females I got floating lockets with rhinestone trim and added some Mickey floating charms all from AliExpress for an affordable price.  Putting them together simply meant placing the charms into the locket and then the lockets into little organza gift bags.

  • Floating locket with rhinestone trim
  • Mickey themed floating charms
  • Organza bag

Adult/Teen Men: DIY Disney Magnets, Moana Key Fob, Teens got Maui fish hook

DIY glass bead magnets and Moana key fob

I always have the hardest time picking gifts for men, this includes gifts for my husband, father, and grandfather.  Therefore picking gifts for the men was a challenge for me and I truly hope the guys who received our gifts liked and enjoyed them.  I made some super easy glass magnets using round glass beads, magnets, my kids Disney stickers (Avengers, Star Wars, Frozen), and E6000.  To sew the key fobs grosgrain Moana themed ribbon and a metal lanyard swivel hooks were used.  I also used the metal hooks and ribbon to make our pin trading lanyards.  The teenage boys additionally got Maui bone fish hook necklaces.  Each hook and key fob was placed in an organza bag.

  • DIY glass bead magnets
  • Moana key fob
  • Maui fish bone necklace
  • Organza bag

Children Girls: Mickey shaped Floating Locket with Mickey charms

Mickey head floating locket with Mickey floating charms

For the younger girls I found these very cute Mickey shaped floating lockets, and placed Mickey floating charms within, making a nice Disney themed souvenir to wear.

  • Mickey head floating locket
  • Mickey floating charms
  • Organza bag

Children Boys: Maui Fish Hook

Maui fish hook necklace

Boys received bone fish hook necklaces that represented Maui’s fish hook.  I received feedback that the fishhooks were pretty cool and the younger boys liked them a lot.  They were also very culturally unique and represented Hawaii more than the other gifts.

  • Maui fish hook necklace
  • Organza bag

All children and teens also received Mickey card night lights

Mickey card light LED night light

I used my Cricut to cut out Mickey heads on vinyl and stuck them on pocket card lights and gave one to every child and teenager.  The cards came in various assorted colors and the finished product was pretty cute with minimal time and effort.

Gift Tags

I added gifts tags I made using a Moana photo I found online that I attached with Moana buttons to the organza bags.  Fish Extender Gifts should have a gift tag to denote who the gifts are to and from.

The video below will show the fish extender gifts above in more 3D detail.

Just a note of caution when ordering from AliExpress as the products are coming direct from China and therefore shipping times can take up to 6-8 weeks.  I recommend always looking for FREE shipping.  In my experience for all the products I have listed, it never took as long as 6 weeks, but please be warned that it will take at least 2+ weeks for your purchases to arrive.  Below I have listed the supplies I used to make and put together our fish extender gifts with links.

AliExpress.com – Free Ship 30MM Round Silver Floating Charm Locket Pendant Magnetic Memory Living Glass Locket With Free Chains


AliExpress.com – 120PCS/lot Mickey Series Floating Locket Charms


AliExpress.com – 25pcs/pack Metal Lanyard Hook Swivel $3.95 FREE Ship


AliExpress.com – 10 yard 7/8″ Moana Grosgrain ribbon



AliExpress.com – 10pcs floating locket pendant silver magnetic Mickey


AliExpress.com – 12 Pcs Bone Fish Hook Pendant Necklace


AliExpress.com – 5pcs LED Card Pocket Light bulb Lamp Wallet Size


AliExpress.com – Free Ship Gift pouch organza bag, 9x7cm. 100PCs (B07742)


Circuit Explore Air

The links above are provided for your convenience. I am an Amazon, AliExpress, and Cricut affiliate. I may make a small commission on anything you choose to purchase using the links above at no extra cost to you.  The recommend products are ones that I bought myself, used, and loved.


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