Kids DIY Butterflies

Kids DIY Butterflies

This was super fun and easy kids DIY butterflies that were actually made with my mom, who is definitely the crafty and creative one.  She doesn’t just do minimalist crafts, she does legitimate crafting, especially with my kids and this post is a look at an outstanding way to entertain kids while letting them reveal their creativity.  My wonderful and amazing mom is pictured below as they were finishing up their beautiful creations.  There were 2 different types of butterflies made.

Kids DIY Butterflies type 1


DIY Butterflies supplies

  1. Paper plates
  2. Craft pom poms, assorted sizes
  3. Paint, glitter glue, crayons, colored pencils (anything to add color and creativity)
  4. Glue or tape
  5. Scissors (not pictured)


  1. Cut wings from paper plates: I recommend just folding the plates in half, shape is actually not that important, because if you cut after folded you will get 2 symmetric pieces.  For these butterflies they had a V shape.
  2. Have FUN and Decorate: Using whatever coloring supplies you have paint, color, and glitter your wings, try to have kids keep designs symmetric if that is the look or lesson you are going for.
  3. Let your wings dry; overnight if possible for paint and glitter glue to dry.
  4. Connect wings using tape and a rectangle piece of paper/cardstock.
  5. Glue large pom poms on the center for the body
  6. Glue 2 small pom poms to represent the eyes on the top large pom pom
  7. Additional step: add string with tape to be able to hang your butterflies

Making kids DIY butterfly


Kids DIY Butterflies type 2

After completing his butterfly, my son, then went on to make his own butterfly design as outlined below.  The creativity and excitement he had from the project that was taught to him by Grandma magically stimulated his creative thinking and he very enthusiastically proceeded to make the following butterfly completely on his own.


  1. Craft pom poms of various sizes
  2. Coffee stirrer
  3. Pipe cleaner

Kids DIY butterfly 2


  1. Glue large pom pom on one end of the coffee stirrer to represent the head
  2. Glue small pom poms onto the remaining coffee stirrer for the body
  3. Glue 2 small pom poms on the large pom pom to represent the eyes
  4. Bend a pipe cleaner into an oval shape, then twist it around the body of the butterfly to represent its wings


You can see their excitement as they describe how to make their butterflies in their own words


Links to project supplies are listed below for your convenience.  The coffee stirrers especially have been used of lots of other Grandma inspired crafts like puppet shows, and I even made star glitter wand invitations for Kylana’s birthday party with them.   I may make a small commission if you choose to buy via these links at no extra cost to you!  I always price compare and try to choose the most economical options.



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