UPDATE:  This Contest has ended

Unfortunately, I didn’t win.  Hopefully you or someone you know won, let me know if you did!  I will continue to post any contests in the future.  Continue reading this post to find out more about the Cricut Maker and the rest of their family of machines.


Win a Cricut Maker!  Auntie Tay, an avid crafter and Cricut user, has a contest going on right now to win a brand new Cricut maker!   I just entered, and I wanted to get the word out so you can enter and hopefully you can win!  I previously announced a different contest back in September right after the Cricut Maker was released and this is a BRAND NEW CONTEST.

Cricut Maker Machine

Enter for FREE to get a brand new Cricut Maker

Unfortunately this contest has ended.  Continue reading to find out more about the Cricut Maker Machine.


I’m sure many of you are asking yourselves what is a Cricut Maker?

It’s the newest personal cutting machine from the Cricut family.  I am in LOVE with my Cricut Explore Air cutting machine and the Cricut maker cuts way more materials than my older machine; like fabric, wood, leather, chip board, and a ton of other materials (literally hundreds of stuff).  My Circuit Explore Air is a year old, and I can’t justify spending $399 to buy a new Cricut Maker machine when my older machine is still amazing and awesome.  I just entered the FREE giveaway for the Cricut Maker being held by Auntie Tay through the link above.  If I win I’ll give it to my mom because she’ll be more likely to use the fabric cutting.  So if you, or your mom, sister, wife, friend, or anyone you know is at all crafty then enter the FREE giveaway and maybe win someone an awesome free machine.

See the video below to get an idea of what the Cricut Maker is all about.


This video is done by Auntie Tay who is actually the person who is hosting the contest.


Other Cricut Cutting Machine Models

If you’re looking to buy one of the older models I can tell you more about it through personal experience.  The Cricut Explore Air helps me be crafty in my usual minimalist style.  With minimal time I have been able to make some awesome crafts.  They have ready-made projects and the Cricut Design Space program and app make it super easy to design exactly what you need and want in any size or amount.  You use a computer or iPhone/iPad to map out exactly what your project will look like and then the Cricut cuts it out for you automatically.

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I have the Cricut Explore Air pictured above, which has bluetooth and wireless capability.  The Cricut Explore One is basically the same machine minus the bluetooth and wireless features, but you can buy a wireless adapter for the Explore One Machine separately.  The Cricut Explore One Machine is of course cheaper without the wireless and is pictured below.

They also came out with a newer model of my machine, called the Cricut Explore Air 2.  It cuts and writes 2xs faster so you can get even more done in less time.  The materials you are able to cut is the same as the other Cricut Explore models and it is a mint green color as pictured below.

Here’s a video of the Cricut Explore Air in action.


Some of the Projects I’ve Made with my Cricut:

Pleather tote bag and makeup bag


pineapple makeup bag

Gold Pineapple bag


Christmas Stockings Embellishments


Glass Water bottles


Plastic & Metal Water Bottles


Fancy Glitter Water Bottles


Moana Fish Extender

Moana Fish Extender


Disney Cruise Door Decoration

Disney Cruise Door Decorations


Disney Cruise Incredibles with Dad

The Incredibles Costumes for Pixar Night out of felt


Mickey card light LED night light

Disney Mickey Ears LED Card Lights

How to Buy

If you’re interested in purchasing one of these awesome machines you can buy them through Cricut or Amazon.  The last day to buy direct from Cricut and have it arrive in time for Christmas 2017 is today(12/14/17), but you can still buy from Amazon with free shipping and get it by December 25th.

Amazon’s prices listed below:


This Post contains affiliate links.  You are definitely NOT obligated to buy.  But, if you do buy anything using the links in my post it may result in a small commission.


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